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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1950!
Telephone booth stuffing is just what it sounds like! To perform this nifty trick, several college students would squeeze themselves into a telephone booth, one after another, until no one else could fit in. The more people who could fit in, the better. Soon, universities everywhere saw students skipping class in order to try and devise a plan to set a new record.
A stuffed phone booth supposedly at St. Mary's in California
The fad is often associated with college students from the West Coast of the United States but it actually got its start in South Africa when 25 students were able to pack into a booth and announce that they had set a world record in doing so.

Soon students in England, Canada, and the United States were attempting to beat the 25-person mark. Some students in England went on diets as a way to achieve the best chances for stuffing.

When they found themselves unable to pile more and more friends into the booths, students began challenging other universities' credibility claiming supposed violations of "rules" which should have been adhered to. Some students believed that all participants must keep their entire bodies within the booth, while others specified that someone inside was required to place a call.

The fad died out quickly in the United States, but was reincarnated in the form of "Volkswagen Stuffing" and, in Britain, "Mini stuffing".
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